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About Chef Mega

The Full Story

Founder & Executive Chef, Mega, has always been passionate about the art of baking and cooking. Initially a self-taught baker, Chef Mega’s culinary journey began 30 years ago when she poured her creativity and love to bake beautifully garnished cakes for her relatives and colleagues.


How It All Started

Her extensive travels through culinary hubs such as New York, Tokyo, and London exposed her not only to diverse culinary techniques, but also to the rich tapestry of cultures, flavors, and cooking traditions. Motivated by this worldly inspiration, she decided to enroll in the International Culinary Centre in the United States. Delighting in every step of the baking process, she constantly infuses her creations with creativity, experimenting with fresh ideas that reflect the unique influences she gathered from around the world. 

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“Never learn the recipe, learn the technique.”

A Community

As an avid food connoisseur and internationally certified professional, Mega has taken a bold leap forward to open

Umbi Tea & Coffee Bar, incorporating her dynamic cooking & baking styles, with a blend of European-inspired dishes.

She aspires to gather a spirited community, in celebration of life over good food and spotlighting notable classic dishes with a contemporary touch. And now, she wants to share her original, handcrafted-to-perfection pastries and treats with you.

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Umbi - 1920 x 1080_edited.jpg

Awards & Accolades

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