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Sip, Savor & Learn

with our curated Tea Workshop

Umbi Tea & Coffee offers interactive workshops led by experts for an immersive, indulgent and firsthand affair with pastries, tea and coffee.

We also accommodate a luxurious suite of meeting spaces for special occasions and private events. Explore our offerings in more detail below.

Function Rooms, Sentul City

All Our Workshops &

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Exclusive Workshops in Sentul City, Bogor

There's more to discover in heritage-rich Bogor, Indonesia than the remarkable sights scattered throughout the city. At Umbi Tea & Coffee, we offer an escape from the hubbub with rejuvenating sessions featuring an assortment of delightful teas and cakes that will awaken your senses, inside and out. In our all-inclusive, beginner-friendly and specialised workshops, appreciate life's simplest pleasures on a personal level with hands-on experiences, from basic baking and brewing to the intricacies of flavour pairing. Stay tuned to our workshop availabilities, offered seasonally and exclusively, for enriching experiences and opportunities to delve deeper into the sensory art of afternoon tea.

Grand Function Rooms in Sentul City, Bogor

There are some private events where a hotel meeting room simply does not suffice, such as when you're craving the cosy ambiance of a homely café or the inviting air of a chic restaurant. Umbi Tea & Coffee is home to a series of function rooms that serve as impressive meeting rooms, and double as an opulent ballroom, a professional seminar room, a tasteful exhibition area and more. We welcome gatherings of all sizes, whether for an intimate group of close friends or large corporate teams. Our café is delighted to host events ranging from birthdays and weddings to executive meetings, launches and training sessions.

An Elegant Space for Special Occasions and More

Umbi Tea & Coffee is a landmark café boasting two distinctive, sophisticated and transformative function rooms. Bathed in natural light, these curated spaces are adorned with lavish warm wood pieces and oriental decor – exuding charm and serving as memorable backdrops for special occasions. As dusk descends, our thoughtfully designed rooms shape-shift into inviting and luminous sanctuaries, where grandeur intertwines with intimacy. Both rooms are furnished with facilities to ensure a seamless programme experience, tailored to your needs. We provide amenities such as TVs, comfortable furniture, charging ports, complimentary Wifi and more. Additionally, we are happy to accommodate special requests to add a personal touch to your event.

Book With Umbi Tea & Coffee Today

Reserve a spot with us now. Or, join us in our workshops, where like-minded individuals converge for enriching experiences and meaningful connections. 

To find out more, contact us directly below, where we’re glad to share more with you personally. 

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