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Exploring Umbi Tea & Coffee’s Signature Cake Collection

Umbi Tea & Coffee is the prime spot for invigorating teas and robust coffee brews in the heart of Bogor, Sentul City. We’re also renowned for our delicate tea-time pastries and cakes that captivate the senses, offering a beautiful selection of the world’s most decadent treats.

Spearheaded by Mrs Koh Maigawaty, whose experience is enriched by top culinary destinations of New York, Tokyo, and London, Umbi Tea & Coffee is more than just a café. It’s a destination where both locals and tourists rendezvous, seeking a taste of the world and beyond, whether they long for the comforts of home or crave a momentary escape. 

Our cakes, soft, moist and perfectly crumbed, are truly deserving of special recognition.

Lost in the Fragrance of an Intense Durian Puff Cake

It’s widely agreed that durian is an acquired taste, not for the faint of heart. However, diving into the intoxicatingly pungent world of the exotic fruit reveals desserts that exude a distinctive fusion flair. This is where fresh and exciting dessert concepts emerge, including our signature Durian Puff Cake.

It hits you right away, the delightful fragrance of our Durian Puff Cake. This is because our pastry chefs spare no effort in highlighting what makes this durian dessert exceptional: the unadulterated essence of fresh durian fruit and meticulously crafted durian cream. Nestled within layers of delicate white sponge cake, and buttery pâte à choux, one never would’ve thought of a durian sweet treat so refined. At Umbi Tea & Coffee, we proudly elevate it further with a finishing touch of creamy white chocolate — adding on to its allure and irresistible creaminess.

Escape with a Tropical Lime Sponge 

A special mention goes to Umbi Tea & Coffee’s one-of-a-kind creation, the Tropical Lime. Get whisked away to a sun-drenched vacation of a lifetime with a white sponge cake-based dessert that’s as light as it is bold. 

Reminiscent of a refreshing tropical breeze, fresh pineapple permeates the cake with a vibrant sweetness rounded off with a piquant zing; while toasted shredded coconut provides depth with hints of a nutty, caramel flavour. Together, the Tropical Lime sponge cake is a nuanced and balanced dessert experience that appeals to all our worldly diners.

An Insatiable Craving for Crepe Cakes

Gateau de crepes and mille crepes are closely related French desserts intricately assembled with paper-thin layers of crepes. Alternated with fillings like creams and spreads, these cakes are luscious and incredibly delicate.

Umbi Tea & Coffee sees and resonates with the demands of sweet tooths for rich and novel crepe cake flavours. Our best-selling lineup is graced by the consuming presence of Midori Matcha Crepes, a stacked masterpiece featuring premium Japanese green tea, tangy blood orange cream and couverture white chocolate. 

Praised by patrons is also the Mango Crepes — a careful construction built on a base of fluffy white sponge. This substantial dessert supports airy vanilla crepes, appetising mango compote, as well as cream and fresh mango and calamansi for a burst of natural fruit. A slightly different experience awaits with our Strawberry Crepes, promising red and ripe flavours that are simultaneously sweet, aromatic and bracingly sour. 

Those who continue to lean into the comfort of classics can indulge in Choco Coffee Crepes. It is prepared with high-quality dark chocolate, with ultrathin crepes carefully sandwiched between blankets of velvety choco cream. The addition of sponge cake, risen to perfection, lends a tender crumb that practically melts in the mouth. 

Rediscover Nostalgia Over a Pandan Coconut Cake

The sweet, soft and grassy aroma of pandan lingers vividly in our earliest memories. Whether it’s cherished moments of carefree childhood spent running around the garden or assisting grandma in the kitchen, no other plant or leaf evokes the same nostalgic sentiment as the pandan.

In homage to our shared and treasured bond with the fragrant and versatile pandan, Umbi Tea & Coffee introduces the beloved Pandan Coconut Cake. This lovely confection harkens back to the light and airy traditional pandan cake, now imbued with homemade young-coconut jelly that satisfies with each crunchy bite. Enveloping it all is layers of fresh cream, delicately sweet, allowing the pandan and coconut flavours to harmonise. A generous sprinkling of shaved dehydrated coconut lends a subtle smokiness and crisp texture to this exquisite indulgence.

Feel Tipsy in Love for Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of those desserts that, despite originating over half a century ago, continues to impress us with its endless varieties, each reflecting the idiosyncratic touch of the pâtissier. The Italian-born cake is a unique, and no doubt stirring concoction of coffee-infused ladyfingers, mascarpone cream and oftentimes, an alcohol like coffee liqueur or dark rum. 

Umbi Tea & Coffee brings its own twist to the celebrated pleasure. Delicious sponge-like Savoiardi biscuits in our Tyramissu are fragranced with the gentle aroma of vanilla, dipped in revitalising espresso, and enhanced by indispensable mascarpone and cream cheese. What sets our rendition apart is, however, indulgent dark chocolate chunks and light and luxurious crepes. 

Pop by Umbi Tea & Coffee for Extravagant Cakes in Sentul City, Bogor 

This curation of some of Umbi Tea & Coffee’s finest cake selections provides just a glimpse into the extraordinary array of pastries awaiting you at our café. Sourced, prepared and baked with unwavering dedication each day, our pastries promise complete freshness and an abundance of flavour. We firmly believe that when it comes to indulging in dessert, settling for anything less than exceptional quality is simply not an option. 

Curious to explore more of our culinary delights? Umbi Tea & Coffee is thrilled to present an enticing assortment of mouth-watering appetisers, addictive finger foods, delectable mains and more. Visit our website to peruse our full menu. Or step into our café where you’re bound to be greeted with surprises for both your palate and your senses!  

Unravel more of Umbi Tea & Coffee’s story here.

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