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Top 3 Must-Try Dishes at Umbi Tea & Coffee

Let’s face it — at our core, we’re creatures of habit who enjoy eating the same foods again and again. But there comes a time when you step into a café, one you’ve never visited before, and you wonder: what’s out there? Am I missing out?

We know ordering something foreign is a risky venture. Evolutionarily, we’re programmed to gravitate towards familiar foods because the threat of consuming something harmful (or in modern times, something we’ll realise we despise) feels far too great.

At Umbi Tea & Coffee, however, every calculated risk is worth a shot. From lip-smacking appetisers and addictive snacks to satisfying mains and decadent desserts, every choice on our menu is handcrafted to delight, not disappoint.

In this spotlight feature, our team at Umbi has selected three of our bestsellers that are highly raved and loved by our customers. Ahead, these are the must-try dishes at Bogor’s beloved Umbi Tea & Coffee 🍲 ; trust our diners’ suggestions and let your taste buds be the judge of our creations!

About Umbi Tea & Coffee

Umbi Tea & Coffee is an upscale café residing in the historically rich city of Bogor, Indonesia. Spinning our own decadent tale of culinary tradition, our premium tea and coffee house sprouted during the upheaval of the pandemic, offering an oasis when we needed a moment of tranquillity the most. Now, four years later, we are one of the top artisanal cafés in the city with an assortment of gourmet dishes, cakes and beverages.

Our name, ‘umbi’, meaning ‘root’ in Indonesia, symbolises a sense of home where anyone who walks through our doors will find warmth, sincerity and genuine hospitality. Under the stewardship of our executive chef, Mrs Koh Maigawaty, we paint the culinary landscape of Umbi Tea & Coffee with international dishes infused with the universal and timeless flavours of nostalgia.

Bestsellers at Umbi Tea & Coffee 

Over two dozen delectable dishes skillfully prepared and speedily ushered through our kitchen, we’ve handpicked three standout favourites, championed by the resounding praise of our valued customers.

Fragrant Indian Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, traditionally known as murgh makhani, is a dish of Indian origin that can be traced back to the 1950s in Old Delhi. It is among the most famous Asian dishes in the world, recognised for its sauce boasting a rich and buttery consistency, concocted, interestingly, with butter and spiced tomato. 

Strewn with generous chunks of chicken, Indian butter chicken is satiating but whets the appetite with an aromatic blend of spices. Umbi Tea & Coffee is the only establishment that makes butter chicken in Jakarta. Here’s our recommendation: submerge fluffy steamed rice in the sauce, and take it bite by bite, or scoop it up with India’s crisp flatbread, paratha for an authentic experience!

Authentic Laksa Singapura 

Laksa is an amalgamation of Chinese, Malay and other cultures and this cannot be more apparent in Singapore’s unique spin on the irresistibly spicy noodle dish. The Singapore classic attracts flocks of locals and tourists to indulge in it, whether at hawker centres, food courts, or esteemed restaurants. Today, it’s right here, rustled up from scratch and served piping hot (as it should be) at Umbi Tea & Coffee. 

Most of us in Indonesia are familiar with rempah, and the Singaporean laksa does not lack in this nuanced and almost magical paste. Concertedly with rich and sweet coconut milk, piquant herbs and spices, and additions of fresh prawn, sprouts, egg, and tofu, this rare offering will transport you straight to the island country with a single sip of its complex soup and a quick bite of its springy noodles. Notably, Umbi’s Laksa Singupura is perfumed with home-grown and organic laksa leaves imported from Singapore for authentic flavour. And, keep an eye out for Singapore-inspired fishballs that are unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Flavourful Chicken Tikka with Cilantro Rice

A protein-packed meal showcasing intense flavours and vibrant colours, chicken tikka masala made its debut in Glasgow, Scotland before captivating taste buds worldwide. This dish features succulent boneless chicken pieces first soused in a mixture of traditional spices and yoghurt, then pinned together with a skewer and chargrilled to perfection, delivering robust barbecue goodness.

Also gracing our menu as Arroz Con Tika Pollo, our unique rendition of this fusion masterpiece tantalises with the zesty kick of lime and the awakening perfume of cilantro. The result is a match made in heaven: the chicken, bold and mouthwatering, perfectly balanced by the subtle freshness of lime and the fragrant essence of cilantro. Together, they exemplify the culinary principle that contrasting flavours not only complement but also elevate each other. A testament to the harmonious union of diverse cuisines! 

Cosy Up at Our Café for a High-End Dining Affair

This curated feature of fragrant Indian butter chicken, authentic Singaporean laksa, and flavourful chicken tikka with cilantro rice provides just a glimpse of the captivating culinary adventures awaiting you at Umbi Tea & Coffee.

Renowned for our gourmet creations and discerning clientele, there’s so much more to discover, and we’re eager for you to experience it firsthand at our inviting and charming café. 

Accompanied by our artisanal coffee and world-class tea, prepare to immerse your senses in the unparalleled luxury of sophisticated dining at Umbi Tea & Coffee. Visit us at Ruko CBD Niaga, Ruko Blok B2, Babakan Madang, Sentul City, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810 today, where we eagerly anticipate your arrival with open arms.

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