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Tea Tasting Workshop

Explore the art of tea appreciation by learning about tea origins, brewing techniques and more!

  • 2 hr
  • 750.000 Rupiah Indonesia
  • Umbi Tea & Coffee


Rp. 750,000 per pax. | Maximum 6 Pax 饾悗饾惎饾悶饾惈饾惎饾悽饾悶饾惏: Tea appreciation courses and workshops are offered at Umbi Tea & Coffee to divulge the intricate art to our customers. These private sessions are specially designed to most optimally engage each individual through a personal and tailored delivery of instruction. With each programme, you will be introduced to the origins of Chinese tea, distinctive characteristics of the tea portfolio and the modalities of appreciation and creation. 饾悡饾悶饾悮 饾悞饾悶饾惀饾悶饾悳饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾惉 饾悮饾惎饾悮饾悽饾惀饾悮饾悰饾惀饾悶 饾悽饾惂 饾惌饾悺饾悽饾惉 饾惏饾惃饾惈饾悿饾惉饾悺饾惃饾惄: - White Tea (JingMai Shan Gu Shu) - Yellow Tea (Mengding Huang Ya) - Green Tea (Bamboo Green Tea Leaf) - Oolong Tea (Da Hong Pao Tea) - Pu鈥檈r Tea (Linchang 2018 Tea) Paired with a mix of sweet & savoury cakes and desserts (subject to seasonal changes) 饾悘饾惈饾惃饾悹饾惈饾悮饾惁 饾悗饾惍饾惌饾惀饾悽饾惂饾悶: 饾煆. 饾悅饾惃饾惁饾惄饾惈饾悶饾悺饾悶饾惂饾惉饾悽饾惎饾悶 饾惌饾悶饾悮 饾惌饾悮饾惀饾悿: 饾悋饾悽饾惉饾惌饾惃饾惈饾惒 饾惃饾悷 饾惌饾悶饾悮 路 Discovery by Emperor Shen Nong 路 Tea history from the Tang to Ming dynasties 路 History of each tea and its origins 路 Preparation & Consumption of tea through the centuries in ancient China 饾煇. 饾悘饾惈饾惃饾悳饾悶饾惉饾惉 饾惃饾悷 饾惁饾悮饾悿饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾惌饾悶饾悮 饾惀饾悶饾悮饾惎饾悶饾惉: 饾悡饾惒饾惄饾悶饾惉 饾惃饾悷 饾惌饾悶饾悮饾惉 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾惌饾悺饾悶饾悽饾惈 饾悰饾悶饾惂饾悶饾悷饾悽饾惌饾惉 路 Characteristics and benefits of Green, White, Yellow, Oolong and Puer teas 路 Picking the correct tea leaves 路 The process of aging and storage of teas 饾煈. 饾悎饾惂饾惌饾惈饾惃饾悵饾惍饾悳饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾惌饾惃 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾惌饾惈饾悮饾悵饾悽饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾悮饾惀 饾惌饾悶饾悮 饾悰饾惈饾悶饾惏饾悽饾惂饾悹: 饾惌饾悶饾悮 饾惍饾惌饾悶饾惂饾惉饾悽饾惀饾惉 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾惌饾悺饾悶饾悽饾惈 饾悷饾惍饾惂饾悳饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾惉, 饾惉饾惌饾惃饾惈饾悮饾悹饾悶 饾惃饾悷 饾惌饾悶饾悮 路 Brewing methods including water temperature, steeping times and tea-to-water ratios 路 Practice brewing techniques and experiment with your preference 饾煉. 饾悡饾悶饾悮 饾悁饾惈饾惌 饾悆饾悶饾惁饾惃饾惂饾惉饾惌饾惈饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂: 饾悞饾惌饾悶饾惄饾惉 饾惌饾惃 饾惌饾惈饾悮饾悵饾悽饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂饾悮饾惀 饾惌饾悶饾悮 饾悰饾惈饾悶饾惏饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾煋. 饾悡饾悶饾悮 饾悁饾惈饾惌 饾悁饾惄饾惄饾惈饾悶饾悳饾悽饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂: 饾悮饾惄饾惄饾惈饾悶饾悳饾悽饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾悳饾惃饾惀饾惃饾惍饾惈, 饾悮饾惈饾惃饾惁饾悮, 饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾惌饾悮饾惉饾惌饾悶 饾惃饾悷 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾悰饾惈饾悶饾惏 路 Participants are taught how to properly taste tea 路 Introduction to the art of cupping 路 Assessing appearance, aroma, tastet and mouthfeel of brewed tea 饾煍. 饾悋饾悮饾惂饾悵饾惉-饾惃饾惂 饾悞饾悶饾惉饾惉饾悽饾惃饾惂 路 Brief overview on tea and food pairings 路 How different teas can enhance or complement specific flavours in foods or desserts 饾煏. 饾悙&饾悁 饾悞饾悶饾惉饾惉饾悽饾惃饾惂

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- Cancellations or changes made within 4 days of the event will not be entertained nor refunded. - Additional services and items not quoted are subject to additional fees and surcharge. - Umbi Tea & Coffee reserves the right to cancel the booking if payment is delayed.

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  • Umbi Tea & Coffee

    UMBI Tea & Coffee, Jalan Hr Rasuna Said, Citaringgul, Bogor Regency, West Java, Indonesia

    +62 81219655133

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